8.Andy Keir(non-registered)
Some lovely images. Thank you for sharing these with the World! :)
7.Michael Hayes(non-registered)
Some fantastic pics Alby and Eleanor. In have a keen interest in photography and just starting out my own journey with the craft. Inspiring pics and website. Well done and thanks for sharing. Fog.
Beautiful site. I'm so pleased I found it (via Facebook). Twitchers rule!
hello uncle albert , its stuart from the goldcoast . you have a great site .
3.Gavin Cuff(non-registered)
Albert gave me a business card about 2 years ago. I had a quick look at the website but forgot all about it. Tonight I found the card and have had a look. I mainly take landscape photos. The photo that blew me away guys, is No1 in Sunrises and Sunsets. I wish I was there.
2.Sharron Matthews(non-registered)
I am fairly new to photography, but do know what I like and can appreciate beautiful shots. These are all excellent .....love them. I can certainly appreciate the beauty in all of your shots from twitchers to landscape to insects...thank you for allowing us the opportunity to view nature and landscape through your lenses. :)
1.Greg Linsdell(non-registered)
I'm not a twitcher but can recognise a great photo when I see one, or this collection, dozens of great photos. Good to see your years of training and obsessive nature put to good use and shared with one another.
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